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Our Statement and Development Program 

mission statement

Our Business is to Defend Your Business Directly

DDS- mission
DDS- vision

vision Statement

To provide complete security solutions to all industries and their stakeholders with an optimum level of satisfaction

our values

Our clients are the heart of the business what services we provide.
We value our officers with reward that they earned or deserved.
We retain the record of finance to initiative services with sustainability.
We devoted our leadership in sustainability
We build our business with our management commitment.

DDS- strategy



Direct Defence believes the key to success in the industry includes:
1. Listening carefully to client concerns and goals to create customised security services
2. Knowing what the client does not know (bringing deep security expertise as well as knowledge of legal regulations and liability to the table)
3. Training security guards carefully and maintaining their training and certifications
4. Monitoring the quality of security guard service to offer quality assurance


Personal development is a lifelong process that establishing the objectives or goals. After assessing team members’ realities, we set up the plan for personal development cycle. Identifying individual's needs for skills or competence, we have in-house development program to support all our officers and colleagues.

PD cycle


Our target is providing professional and reliable service without any compromise and all security officers are fully licensed, vetted, and trained. The training process is thorough, it is the in-house but for an especial reason, we may provide 3rd party training. All our staffs have to undertake and go through a few tasks program before they start work for us. As well as each contract or site receiving more training on-site if necessary.


Reward and recognition are the great way to boost morale within the business. Having an employee reward scheme in place allows we say to officers “thank you” or "Well done". We appreciated our officers like to feel that they have done good job for the business. So, our annual reward program is stands for excellence and support beyond the workload.

We have done reward program for 2019, held at Feb 2020.