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DIRECT DEFENCE SOLUTIONS- A security guarding company

We believe in – Our Business is to Defend Your Business Directly. 

Direct Defence Solutions (DDS) Security Guarding Company in London, UK, provide a dynamic and innovative manned guarding security services in London and throughout the UK. An experienced and skilled team behind the company is pride to providing high quality and professional service.  

DDS provides a variety of Security Services that are all centred on high quality and high standards. You will not be disappointed if you are searching for professional security guarding service that you can trust and take pride in having as a part of your business. Our objective is to protect your business and assets while maintaining the high professional standards that you demand for. Please go through our services page for a list of the services we offer.

DDS-A Security Guarding  Company committed to deliver exceptional and consistent services.


Direct Defence Solutions is always in action to provide high standards of integrity and excellence on all provision of services- Security and Cleaning.


DDS is committed to providing highly professional, reliable and cost-effective security guarding services in london and solutions to all type of businesses.


You will find us different and a step ahead to build relation with you. We will maintain excellent level of services with a team of professionals.

FOR A SECURITY COMPANY - Subcontracting is a matter

If you are struggling with your contract to cover the London area, your subcontracting is matter. We are here to support you and left behind your hassle from unnecessary expenses or remote operation. We are fully concerned to maintain your goodwill and value of the contract while supporting subcontracting. We are an ACS approved company and providing high standard services at a competitive rate.

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ACS Approved

ACS is the industry recognised and highly desirable for each security company in the UK. We are an approved contractor.

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Industry Professionals

Although we are professional, still constantly strive to improve our services. We valued your business and create better solutions with the best personnel.​

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Competitive Rate

No middle man so we can cut unnecessary expenses easily. As a small to medium company, we can offer a very competitive rate according to the current market condition.

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Qualified Management & Team

Our Management and operation team are skilled, experienced and dedicated to supporting better service.​ Daily operations managing with a sophisticated system to high transparency.

our Accreditation's

We’re accredited by a number of industry-leading organisations, allowing us to serve our clients with the greatest degree of expertise and service. Our Policies and Procedures are backed by multiple external and internal audits a year.

Customers who talk about us

A Company is growing up with a big dream. We are in the industry along with big names and gaining skills and experiences to become top notch in today’s competitive race. Over 17 years of service experience in this industry leading to be more committed. So, we are expanding and on the way of our dream.



I strongly trust their service and outstanding integrity. They keep an eye on their service to maintain standard and keep track every shift. I highly recommend their service.

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I joint with with DDS from the beginning and still I'm glad working with. I don't have any intention to leave unless anything gone very wrong.
- Atiqur Rahman

ACT Awareness E-Learning

Now Counter Terrorism Policing has decided to open up the training to anyone who wants to become a Security Officer so they can learn how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour and understand what to do in the event of a major incident.

SIA Badge Application

Applying for a licence does not mean you will get one. To be successful, you will need to pass all of application checks. But you can help your application by taking care to provide correct and complete information whenever SIA ask for it.



Our latest news

We are Hiring Response Security Officers

We’re always looking to add to our fantastic team of security Officers. At the moment we are recruiting RESPONSE OFFICERS for London and surrounding. 


Please fill out the form if you believe you have what it takes. We will contact the successful candidates after reviewed your application.


Annual Reward Program 2019

Our reward program for 2019, held at Feb 2020 was highly motivational to all our officers and all honorable guests and family members.

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