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Security Services

DDS provides a variety of security services that are all centered on high quality and high standards.

Loss Prevention, Retail Security & Store Detectives

Ensure the safety of your business and customers with our comprehensive retail security solutions and expertly trained security personnel.

Commercial & Residential Security Personnel

For both commercial and residential properties, our security services provide reliable protection, ensuring the safety and peace of mind you deserve.

Security Services

Our comprehensive security services offer a security presence to protect your premises and assets to give you peace of mind.

Events Security Services

We are prepared for the unique challenges presented by every variety of events. Guards are thoroughly screened, insured, and trained in crowd control, first aid and other areas.

Security Concierge & Front Desk

We offer a prompt and reliable solution to safeguard your Office Building and front desk support on regular basis

Construction and Industrial Security

Our industrial and construction site security services ensure comprehensive protection, safeguarding valuable assets and maintaining a secure environment

Emergency Security

In times of emergency, our security services provide swift and reliable support, ensuring the safety and protection of your premises and assets.

Providing Security Officers to the Security Industry

DDS has a team of a pool of personnel available to support and assist other security companies facing staffing shortages