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Loss Prevention, Retail Security & Store Detectives

Retail Security

Security is crucial in the retail industry, regardless of business size. From small boutiques to large supermarkets, retailers face significant challenges such as shoplifting, stock damage, anti-social behaviour, and organised crime.

DDS Services offers highly trained security personnel with extensive expertise across multiple sectors. Our team is well-prepared to handle various security incidents and threats, ensuring the safety of your staff, premises, and assets.

For a prompt and effective response to security breaches, choose DDS Services—a dedicated and customer-focused security company.

Retail Store Detectives

Our professional store detectives assume the responsibility of monitoring customers for you. They seamlessly integrate into your store, acting as your essential eyes and ears. With training in conflict resolution and discretion, our personnel handle incidents without drawing unnecessary attention. They can coordinate with the police, take statements, conduct interviews, and investigate suspicious activity.

Why not call us today 020 8144 0794 to discuss your retail store requirements with one of our dedicated team members?